"The planet's famous red color is from iron oxide coating everything. So it's not just a desert. It's a desert so old it's literally rusting." - Mark Watney

Lunar Surface

Landing on Mars is a massive accomplishment, and this page showcases the few, proud nations who have done so.

To land on Mars, a nation must first build the Missile Launch Program, Space Program, Moon Landing, and Mars Landing National Projects. Landing on Mars does not benefit a nation competitively, except to showcase their excellence and achievement at Politics & War.

First Nation to Land on Mars

Landing Date

06/22/2023 04:43:17 pm


Leader: The great E

Alliance: Order Of The Stars

Subsequent Landings

Landing Date

12/16/2023 11:26:51 am


Leader: Sheppard

Alliance: Rainbow Road

Landing Date

12/20/2023 06:35:11 am

Moore Dynasty

Leader: Blackjack

Alliance: Galactic Guard

Landing Date

12/27/2023 01:52:30 am

Premier League

Leader: Manchester City

Alliance: Order Of The Stars

Landing Date

02/27/2024 12:07:32 am


Leader: Avatar Patrick

Alliance: idk 2

Landing Date

03/09/2024 04:19:02 pm


Leader: Harder

Alliance: Rainbow Road

Landing Date

07/11/2024 02:53:20 am

Israel-The Holy Land

Leader: Netanyahu Benjamin

Alliance: The United Israeli Alliance