Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear Radiation affects all nations. When a Nuclear Weapon is detonated in a successful nuclear attack, the Global Nuclear Radiation Index increases by 1 Roentgen (R). Locally, the Regional Nuclear Radiation Index for the continent on which the nuclear weapon was detonated increases by 5 R. Each nation is subject to the radiation exposure from their combined Regional Nuclear Radiation Index and the Global Nuclear Radiation Index.

Radiation decreases crop yields, reducing Food production. The amount that Food production is decreased by is equivalent to a nation's Radiation Index divided by 1000.

Radiation dissipates over time, with more recent nuclear weapons detonations having a stronger effect than previous ones. After 100 Turns, or just over 8 real-life days, all of the radiation from a single nuclear detonation will have dissipated and no longer have an effect.

Global Nuclear Radiation Index


North America Radiation Index


Food Production: -4.20%

South America Radiation Index


Food Production: -3.13%

Europe Radiation Index


Food Production: -3.75%

Asia Radiation Index


Food Production: -5.03%

Africa Radiation Index


Food Production: -6.98%

Australia Radiation Index


Food Production: -2.73%

Antarctica Radiation Index


Food Production: -3.81%

Nuclear Weapons Detonated in Last 24 Hours